What to See and Experience in New York City This Spring

  • Zachary Woolfe

“Another superb veteran, the bass John Tomlinson, is Dikoj; the mezzo Daniela Mack and an excellent trio of tenors — Paul Appelby, Stefan Margita and, in his company debut, Pavel Cernoch — round out the cast in this exciting finale to the Met’s season.”


Daniela Mack’s 5 Tips For Finding That Family-Career Balance You Crave As An Artist

  • David Salazar

“The job of an opera singer has a stigma of being all-consuming, and people have a preconception that to be a successful artist, you must be married to your art,” Mack told OperaWire. “While this may be true for some, most of my colleagues and friends in the business (who adore what they do) desire as close to a ‘normal’ life as they can get, which could include marriage or long-term partnership, children, pets, a home, or any number of other things associated with a traditional (stationary) lifestyle.”


Rivales en la ópera, pareja en la vida real


La mezzosoprano argentina se meterá en la piel de Sesto, mientras que el tenor estadounidense encarnará al emperador El matrimonio formado por Daniela Mack y Alek Shrader interpreta dos de los roles de ‘La clemenza di Tito’


MOT’s ‘Barber of Seville’ sparkles and soars

  • David Kiley

“Daniela Mack’s vocals are lovely, but her acting is even better as she plays Rosina as not quite the virginal waif we might think her to be, what with having a guardian. She is randy and embraces a ‘partner in crime” persona with Almaviva, but for a short time when she thinks he might have betrayed her.”